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2.13 Coalescence, Part I

2.13 Coalescence, Part I

A reunion. Created by Eli Barraza. Produced by Eli Barraza & Mischa Stanton. "Coalescence, Part I" was written by Eli Barraza, and directed by Eli Barraza & Danielle Shemaiah. Editing by Danielle Shemaiah. Sound design by Mischa Stanton. Production help from David Rheinstrom,  Ryan Schile & Dean Yaeger. Music by Masato Abe. Performed by: Eli Barraza as Peri, Danielle Shemaiah as Ruth, Thea Rodgers as Johanna, and Lisette Alvarez as Nora. Please support us on Patreon A Product of The Whisperforge: Sound & Story, Brought to Life

Duration: 19 min

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