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#23: Capitalist Realism

#23: Capitalist Realism

    Listen, support, and interact:     Read Capitalist Realism by Mark Fisher in pdf form for free here:   01:40: What is Capitalist Realism and why is it relevant today?     05:00: How does capitalist realism perform anti-capitalism for us?   15:00: How has capitalist ideology led us to accept that everything should run as a business?     24:00: What is liberal communism and how do we see it playing out today?   36:00: How do we understand increased bureaucracy under capitalism?   47:15: How does Fisher link these concepts to mental health and education?   54:30: How does capitalist realism shift capitalism’s failure from individuals to government?   60:00: How does the left move on from a romantic attachment to politics of failure?       Music produced by @southpointe__ on Instagram Remix by comrade Phil Buck -

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