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Episode 11: Failure is Not an Option — Phyllis Newhouse

Episode 11: Failure is Not an Option — Phyllis Newhouse

This week on The EnTRUEpreneurship Podcast, Wes interviews EY Entrepreneur of the Year, Phyllis Newhouse, CEO and Co-founder of Xtreme Solutions, a nationally-recognized IT provider and cybersecurity firm that did $149MM in revenue in 2017. Newhouse has also taken her place alongside NFL Hall-of-Famer Ray Lewis as Managing Partner and CEO of the Legend 52 Ventures Opportunity Fund, which helps create ownership opportunities for minorities and women within the professional sports, technology, and media and entertainment industries.   In the podcast, Phyllis gives a brief look at how her life experiences groomed her for entrepreneurship, expresses the importance of a having a clear and tangible vision, gives some advice on “pacing yourself” as a hungry entrepreneur, provides some perspective on carrying over and applying life’s learnings from chapter to chapter, and much more.

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