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Mary Guth - Staying Mentally Healthy through COVID-19

Mary Guth - Staying Mentally Healthy through COVID-19

DTSF is proud to have Dr. Mary Guth, LMFT, join us on this episode of The DTSF Connection.  She is a licensed marriage and family counselor in Sioux Falls and has been helping people and families in our community for 20 years.  Her message is simple, don't give up hope and don't hesitate to reach out if you need help or to reach out to those who you may feel need an encouraging word.  Life is hard as it is, add on dealing with the stress of a national health emergency, economic hardship, and social distancing - it's easy to see how mental health issues have been on the rise.  We talk with Mary about the importance of staying mentally healthy, how to care for yourself and others during this time and break down some of the topics surrounding mental health, anxiety and depression.  If you or someone you know is struggling or looking for someone to talk to there's several resources you can reach out to:  Dr. Mary Guth practices in Sioux Falls, view her info and office information HERE: Sioux Falls Helpline Center National Suicide Prevention Center

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