Downtown Sioux Falls

Greg Koch - The 605 Running Co.

Greg Koch - The 605 Running Co.

Let's be honest, no one's life has been the same for the last two months. Especially local business owners.  The DTSF crew sits down with the one and only Greg Koch, who runs two of our favorite downtown businesses. On this episode we sit down and unpack how he has pivoted so successfully in his business.  Greg prioritizes experience and trust when it comes to his customer service philosophy. Two things which will never lose value.  Greg talks about how he's pivoted his business into e-commerce and the importance of continuing to develop new skills with your team. "Commerce vs. conscience", is how Greg talks about how he balances the need to continue to operate a business, while prioritizing the health and safety of his team and their valued customers and guests.  Go listen to all of our episodes on your favorite streaming platform

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