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Strengthening Your Sales Through Critical Thinking with Cynthia Beiler

Strengthening Your Sales Through Critical Thinking with Cynthia Beiler

Today on the Drop In CEO podcast, Cynthia Beiler shares how she helps organizations shift their mindset to focus on confidence in the product, their skills, and gain understanding of what motivates them. Listen in as Deborah and Cynthia discuss thinking as a superpower, why founders have a hard time selling their products, and how culture impacts sales. After 26 years leading sales and marketing teams in corporate America, Cynthia Beiler opened the door of Leveraged Mind Consulting. Her firm is dedicated to helping under-performing organizations find the power within to fuel profitable growth. Cynthia and her team work with clients to develop and implement an overall strategy to accelerate profitable growth. This is inclusive of, but not limited to, development in the areas of culture, leadership, structure and process.   You can connect with Cynthia in the following ways: Website: Email:   When I began the Drop in CEO Podcast, I knew that the best advice we could ever receive was from people who had been there. Now that we're over 50 episodes in, I thought it was time to pool some of the best advice into a collection that you could use to elevate your leadership and start putting humans first. You can download the full guide here: See for privacy information.

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