The Dirty Boys

Ep #9 pt. 1 - The King of Floor 9

Ep #9 pt. 1 - The King of Floor 9

This week's episode is a special one... The boys are finally joined by their RA Ryan! With him they discuss circumcisions, BTS (again), circumcisions, Ryan's haircut, circumcis- ya know what, they talk about circumcision a lot in this one okay? They also talk about Hayden's heritage a bit more and generally just have a good time. Stay tuned for Monday when pt. 2 of the episode drops. That's right, it was an hour-long episode! Outro Song: Hooked on Swing - Larry Elgart Follow us on your favorite podcasting platform, and tell a friend about us! Twitter: @TheDirtyBoysPod Instagram: thedirtyboyspod

Duration: 31 min

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