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When is Enough, Enough? (Ep 1292)

When is Enough, Enough? (Ep 1292)

In this episode, I address the explosion in violence in New York City and in other liberal run cities, along with the pathetic efforts to blame it on President Trump. I also cover the arrest of this confidante of Jeffrey Epstein and the people who should be worried about it.  News Picks: Kayleigh McEnany unloads on the pathetic media during the briefing.  Violence rages in New York City as Nero DeBlasio fiddles. Illegal fireworks light up the California sky in defiance of the tyrants running the state. New gun owners say they bought their firearms because they’re afraid police they won’t reach them in time.  Companies that boycott Facebook continue to advertise on Russian social media platform.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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