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What’s the Deal With Bigoted Celebrities? (Ep 1299)

What’s the Deal With Bigoted Celebrities? (Ep 1299)

In this episode, I address the growing evidence that there is a large group of “secret” Trump voters out there ready to vote. I also address the growing body of research that masks and lockdowns do not work. Finally, I address the bigoted comments by this celebrity and the celebrities who support him.  News Picks: Georgia Governor Brian Kemp leads from the front again! Celebrities supporting outrageously bigoted comments. Private schools are more likely to open up than government schools. Why Sweden succeeded in flattening the curve and New York failed.  Rioters in NY City received a delivery of baseball bats before they violently attacked peaceful protestors.  President Trump makes a significant campaign change. Renowned Stanford Doctor says the kids should go back to school.  Are there large pockets of “hidden” Trump voters out there? More racist nonsense, this time from a museum.  President Trump says he would welcome General Flynn back into the White House. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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