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The Backlash is Coming (Ep 1296)

The Backlash is Coming (Ep 1296)

In this episode, I address the explosive backlash brewing against the radical leftist destruction of the Republic. I also address the media’s purposeful coronavirus hysteria campaign. We give you the facts, not hysteria. We also discuss the disgusting attacks on the St. Louis couple who defended their home against a violent mob.  News Picks: AOC says the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard about the crime wave in New York City.  Ridiculous! Warrants are served on the home of the St Louis residents who defended themselves against the BLM mob. The CEO of Goya tells cancel culture to stick it up their cabooses! Airport Hangar rallies for Trump? This is a great idea. USA Today attacks Trump and humiliates itself, again! The Democrats are losing their minds over the Roger Stone commutation.  These attacks on the police are getting people killed. This FBI employee was a key player in the Spygate scandal and he deserves more scrutiny.  Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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