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Liberals Are Melting Down Over This (Ep 1295)

Liberals Are Melting Down Over This (Ep 1295)

In this episode, I address the eye-opening comments from a doctor behind the scenes of the coronavirus fight in Texas. I also address the explosive release of new Joe Biden audio which exposes his role in the Ukraine scandal.  News Picks: Why yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling on Trump’s taxes may be a big win for Trump.  How will yesterday’s Supreme Court rulings effect President Trump?  Patience is running out in New York City over the hapless Bill De Blasio. The “judge” in the Mike Flynn case continues to humiliate himself on a national stage. Tire marks on the road are now “hate crimes” in Vancouver? This key Mueller witness admitted the “black ledger” was probably a fake. The FBI was warned that the “black ledger” was a fake.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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