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Leftist Will Never Leave You Alone (Ep 1300)

Leftist Will Never Leave You Alone (Ep 1300)

In this episode, I address the troubling policy being pushed by radical leftists in the Senate which could become reality if Biden wins in 2020. I also discuss the mounting evidence that the Democrats’ efforts to keep your kids out of school are solely political.  News Picks: The study on masks referenced in today’s show. Shameless liberal journalists attack Kayleigh McEnany and take her out of context.  Internal screenshots reveal the existence of Twitter “blacklists.”  The social justice cult really hates twitter’s main competitor Parler, here’s why. Liberals claim to want higher taxes but they rarely pay more themselves.  Some liberals are backing a reparations programs which would cost 6.2 quadrillion dollars.  Multiple studies show that opening schools will cause minimal risk to young students. A cashless society? No way! Democrats would love that.   Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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