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Canceling Cancel Culture (Ep 1298)

Canceling Cancel Culture (Ep 1298)

In this episode, I address the cancerous cancel culture and how to fight back. People are looking for leadership. I also address the threat of another round of destructive and ineffective coronavirus lockdowns.  News Picks: German study finds that there’s almost no Coronavirus spread at schools that reopened.  The liberal media is shaming the parents of a dead teenager for challenging their sick narratives. Here’s what the federal government can do about exploding inner city crime.  The liberal media falls for another hoax.  Hospitals are going bankrupt because of the disastrous economic lockdowns. Some of the world’s wealthiest push for higher taxes but they don’t voluntarily pay more themselves.  A big win for former physician to President Trump, Ronny Jackson. Ford will not stop making police cars, despite the ridiculous demands of the “woke” crowd. Copyright Bongino Inc All Rights Reserved.

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