TCE: Founders' Series - Seed Club

TCE: Founders' Series - Seed Club

Welcome to the Cutting Edge: Founders' Series, where culture, and entrepreneurship, meets crypto. Today on the pod, we have Jess Sloss, the co-creator of Seed Club an incubator for tokenized communities. Started as a DAO, Seed Club is a growing family of creators, mentors and operators building the future of community. Since its inception less than a year ago, Seed Club has successfully completed three cohorts - helping 36 projects on their path to decentralization.   Follow Jess, @thattallguy on Twitter, and Seed Club @seedclubhq and Follow the gmoney community on all socials: @gmoneynft    Show Notes:  0:46 - Jess and Seed Club’s mission and background  3:51 - gmoney’s take on social tokens  5:50 - Jess breaks down the best use of social tokens  9:50 - Example of how tokens work in a community and ownership graphs  12:58 - The risk of linking an ERC-20 to an individual  20:57 - How to build fair distribution in an NFT drop  26:05 - How to build an authentic community through “on-chain breadcrumbs”  30:45 - Web3’s effect on the value of the middleman  33:03 - Securities law with social tokens  35:18 - Non-fungible governance tokens vs fungible governance tokens  42:30 - Fave NFT  43:48 - NFT predictions for 2022

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