TCE: Founders Series - Brain Drops

TCE: Founders Series - Brain Drops

On today's episode, we have Gene Kogan and Justin Trimble, founders of Brain Drops - an NFT platform and community for AI-generated art.   Gene Kogan (@genekogan) is an artist and a programmer who is interested in generative art, collective intelligence, and computer science.  He was the first artist to create GAN art and is the creator of ml4a, a free educational resource about machine learning for art and creativity. Gene initiated the Abraham project to build an autonomous artificial artist, and is a co-founder of Braindrops.    Justin Trimble (@justintrimble) is also a co-founder of BrainDrops. He’s a CryptoPunk claimer, a pre-launch advisor for The Bored Ape Yacht Club, early Cryptopunk evangelist and creator of the punk Wikipedia page. He’s an early NFT collector of Art Blocks, XCOPY, Beeple, and many more gen and 3d artists.   For more on Brain Drops, follow them on Twitter @braindrops_art   To stay up to date on the gmoney community, subscribe to our YouTube and all other social platforms - @gmoneynft  Timecodes:  2:46 - How the founders, Justin and Gene, got into NFTs  17:12 - How and why Justin and Gene started their platform  20:32 - What is Brain Drops  24:54 - What was their motivation on building their own platform  26:20 - Difference between Brain Drops and competitors’ models  30:50 - What they look for in a good NFT project  34:32 - New projects on Brain Drops that are pushing the boundaries of AI-generated art  43:32 - gmoney and Justin’s take on NFT naysayers   48:28 - How to find Brain Drops and its founders, Justin and Gene

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