Snuffy - SNUFFY 500

Snuffy - SNUFFY 500

On the first episode of 2022, gmoney is joined by tattoo artist, Snuffy. They get real about what has kept them motivated to become better artists and people despite the obstacles they faced. Get ready for some great advice on how gmoney and Snuffy became so successful.    Snuffy is a multidisciplinary artist that uses surrealist imagery to deliver emotion through his visual narratives. His mediums include skin, sound, screens, glass, fabric, metal and concrete. Snuffy has garnered critical acclaim in multiple arenas including the international tattoo stage, the upscale fashion design industry, the digital NFT space, and the world of sculpture and fine art. Additionally, he has worked as a creative director for Universal Music Group, Netflix, and Calvin Klein as well as producing music for over a decade. Snuffy has been spotlighted and profiled in The New York Times, GQ, NYLON, PAPER Magazine, Variety, amongst numerous others.   To follow Snuffy's journey follow him on all socials   For all things gmoney follow us on IG, Twitter and all other platforms @gmoneynft Show Notes: 2:36 - How Snuffy got started as an artist 13:48 - Overcoming the internal and external obstacles leading to success 17:30 - Changing your life to influence a better future for yourself and your art 25:46 - The process to getting inked by Snuffy 29:00 - How Snuffy found his path into crypto and NFTs 36:50 - Initial thoughts on being in the space 44:20  - Creation of SNUFFY 500 50:00 - Benefits, details and how to follow Snuffy’s NFT projects 59:28 - How does Snuffy see it changing the tattoo industry 1:03:07 - Snuffy’s favorite NFT 1:05:32 - What is Snuffy most looking forward to in 2022

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