Ben Mezrich - The Ben Mezrich Project

Ben Mezrich - The Ben Mezrich Project

Today on the Cutting Edge, gmoney speak with Ben Mezrich (@benmezrich) on his first NFT drop, The Ben Mezrich Project, on January 4th, 2022.   The reigning cowboy of narrative nonfiction with a writing career spanning nineteen years, Ben Mezrich has authored twenty books – major international and New York Times bestsellers, with well over six million copies sold. The genre he’s created – cinematic and unique true stories of young geniuses battling their way through the grey area between right and wrong, and succeeding at all costs – includes the wildly successful Bringing Down the House,  The Accidental Billionaires, The Founding of Facebook, Bitcoin Billionaires, The Antisocial Network, about the GameStop Short Squeeze, is currently being made into a feature film by MGM, for release in 2022. Recently picked by the Hollywood Reporter as one of the 25 most powerful writers in Hollywood, Mezrich is also a writer and consulting producer for the tv show Billions.   Show Notes:  4:05 - Ben’s career background and how he found his success  10:48 - The story behind “Accidental Billionaires”  13:56 - Ben’s intro into crypto through his relationship with the Winklevoss Twins   21:47 - Genesis of The AntiSocial Network  24:03 - How Ben discovered NFTs  29:15 - NFT’s disruption of Hollywood   37:17 - Ben’s philosophy around NFTs  39:30 - Details of the Ben Mezrich project and how he is turning his screenplay into an NFT  52:32 - The potential of creating a film from NFT funding  54:58 - Ben’s and gmoney’s favorite NFTs  57:20 - Where does gmoney see Hollywood and NFTs in the next 5 years?

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