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Digital Beauty Experiences with E.L.F. Beauty's Ekta Chopra

Digital Beauty Experiences with E.L.F. Beauty's Ekta Chopra

The CPG Guys, Sri & PVSB, are joined in this episode by Ekta Chopra, Chief Digital Officer at E.L.F. Beauty which builds brands designed to disrupt industry norms, shape culture and connect communities through positivity, inclusivity and accessibility.Follow E.L.F. Beauty online at: http://www.elfbeauty.comFollow E.L.F. Beauty on LinkedIn at: answers these questions: How is the role of CDO at ELF? What does your daily routine look like at work?Talk to us about digital content and its importance in this journey where your scale is still largely through the store model.Would love to know your thoughts on retail media and its growing importance to brands like ELF.How is innovation planned and introduced at ELF Beauty? Is there a huge digital emphasis on day 1 including promotions?DTC! How important is this for you? Is this now wired in the DNA of your brand? How are you leveraging DTC to connect with the consumer? Are there experiences?How important is 1P data vs retail? Do you harness it and use it in planning cycles? Are there forms of getting 1P data outside DTC?What is your favorite product at ELF beauty? Speaking of favorite brands what are brands in other categories outside beauty you admire and recommend our followers check out in this digital journey and why?Please provide the CPG Guys feedback at Guys Website: http://CPGGuys.comInstagram: Kit: DISCLAIMER: The content in this podcast episode is provided for general informational purposes only. By listening to our episode, you understand that no information contained in this episode should be construed as advice from CPGGUYS, LLC or the individual author, hosts, or guests, nor is it intended to be a substitute for research on any subject matter. Reference to any specific product or entity does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by CPGGUYS, LLC. The views expressed by guests are their own and their appearance on the program does not imply an endorsement of them or any entity they represent. The views expressed by the CPGGUYS, LLC do not represent the views of their employers or the entity they represent.CPGGUYS LLC expressly disclaims any and all liability or responsibility for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, consequential or other damages arising out of any individual’s use of, reference to, or inability to use this podcast or the information we presented in this podcast. 

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