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#68 - 6 Ways You Can Advance Your Accounting Career As An Employee

#68 - 6 Ways You Can Advance Your Accounting Career As An Employee

Last week I discussed the increase in women-owned businesses and some challenges for CPA Mom entrepreneurs.   Many smart, driven CPA Moms are choosing to go out on their own for various reasons and creating businesses that are a reflection of who they are and how they want to be of value to their clients.   But even with the growth of CPA mompreneurs, the vast majority of CPA Moms are employees, myself included, working for public accounting firms or private companies.  If you are one, and feel like you don’t have much control since you are an employee, I’m hopefully going to help you see things differently.   You are much more valuable than you realize, especially as a highly intelligent and professionally trained woman.  By taking a more intentional approach towards your accounting career, you can improve your skill set, add even more value and advance in whatever way you choose.   Modern-day businesses need supportive accountants and you are an important part of a company’s growth.  Don’t underestimate the significant part you play, as an accounting employee, as a working woman and as a mother.     This week I’m going to discuss 6 ways to advance your accounting career as an employee that will benefit you as much as your employer. 

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