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Dr. Durmer with Sleep Fusion Health

Dr. Durmer with Sleep Fusion Health

Dr. Jeffrey Durmer is the national authority on sleep disorders in the transportation industry. Not only is getting the right amount of sleep important for cognitive function, but it also has been proven to improve many health issues. Life as an over the road trucker can be difficult for most to get the recommended amount of sleep, with many suffering from Sleep Apnea. Dr. Durmer will address these issues and present some beneficial tips to ensure all can get the right amount of Z's. Tiffini Springer is the last American Trucker to be featured on The Courtney Wilson Show. Tiffini is a third generation trucker with both her father & grand-father before her. She's been in the industry off an on for 16 years, and  we are thrilled to talk to another female and hear what she has to say.  One two more broadcasts left! Be sure to tune in this Thursday at 2 pm eastern time.

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