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A Moment with Marine Staff Sergeant Jordan Pritchard

A Moment with Marine Staff Sergeant Jordan Pritchard

For those of you involved in the Facebook community, you may have seen a post come across your News Feed pertaining to one particular military service member who felt a call to action following the Newtown, CT shooting. Retired Staff Sergeant Jordan Pritchard has since stood guard outside of Gower Elementary School in Tennessee and has captivated the nation at a time when our children's safety has been brought to the forefront. Jordan will join Courtney this week to discuss his new non profit organization and what he has been doing to make a change. Fleet owner Kevin Penick is the American Trucker guest this week and will discuss with Courtney what goes into owning multiple vehicles and managing multiple drivers. Tune in this week to hear another informative and entertaining episode of The Courtney Wilson Show and remember to check out all archived broadcasts at!

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