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2012-11-15 Claims Tips and Country Music

2012-11-15 Claims Tips and Country Music

With deer season and the after math of super storm Sandy upon us, Courtney will discuss claims tips with First Guard Insurance Company claims representative Brian Dean. Mother nature and animal collisions can happen at any time so be sure to listen to Courtney's interview with Brian to hear how such situations can be avoided or what to do when disaster (or Bambi) strikes.  Former American Idol contestant and North Carolina native Emily Minor will join Courtney to discuss her budding music career and southern style. Currently living in Nashville, Emily writes and records songs that display her amazing vocals and are full of convincing stories and undeniable emotions. Courtney will even play Emily's current single, "Highway Habit". We know this is a song that will resonate with a lot of our listeners! Her vibrant personality and ability to stay grounded are what have helped her secure a growing fan base. Be sure to check out Emily Minor at

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