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2012-11-01 Truckers Against Trafficking

2012-11-01 Truckers Against Trafficking

Lyn Thompson, co-founder of Truckers Against Trafficking will join Courtney this week to discuss the history and mission of this amazing organization. The number of victims of human trafficking in the US alone is estimated in the hundreds of thousands. Truckers Against Trafficking has created a website to enable members of the trucking and travel plaza industry learn what they can do to help stop this illegal, immoral, and seemingly booming business. On a lighter note, Courtney will talk trucking with Charlie Nowicki. Charlie drives Ma'am O'Gram, the pink show truck used to spread the word about breast cancer and early detection. Listen in to hear Charlie's opinion on the industry and his experiences with driving a moving PSA. The Courtney Wilson Show is broadcast live every Thursday at 2 pm eastern time, and you can always check out archived shows on this site.

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