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2012-10-18 TransAlive USA Inc

2012-10-18 TransAlive USA Inc

Bob Hataway, President and Founder of TransAlive will join Courtney this week to discuss his life saving organization. Bob believes drivers health plays a large part in their survival on the road. But in the event that tragedy strikes, TransAlive has the AmCoach and AirMed and both services are available to transport truckers and their families wherever they may need to go. It is important for every listener out there to hear the advice Bob has and reflect on the comfort TransAlive provides. Switching gears to the American Trucker segment, Courtney will be joined by Larry Kogl. Representing truckers across the country this week, Larry will speak with Courtney about his thoughts on the industry. Remember to tune in Thursday October 18th at 2 pm eastern time to listen live to The Courtney Wilson Show!

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