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EP 84 | Reflect on 2020 & How to Imperfectly End It

EP 84 | Reflect on 2020 & How to Imperfectly End It

Reflections are so important sometimes to see how far we have gone. Reflection gives you the opportunity to pause amidst the chaos and see what you have accomplished, learned and experienced. It gives you a moment to take a deep breath in and out and see the beauty in life. It also provides you an opportunity to reflect on what you want to do next. Use today, use tomorrow, use each month in 2021 to reflect and grow. Today our Host, Lisa Thompson takes us through reflecting on 2019 & 2020. She shares about how once you take a fearless leap to believe in yourself, each leap after that is easier. Lisa also shares why reflecting is important, how to make time to reflect and how important pausing and breaks are. So let's go into 2021 with more confidence, more resets and more pauses and enjoy the company of those around us. As a reminder you are brave, you are smart, you are beautiful. - Take the first step in your goals by taking our course at: - Instagram: @lisathompsonofficial - Check out Shape & Foster:

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