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#410: How To Stop Beating Yourself Up

#410: How To Stop Beating Yourself Up

HOW TO STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP Podcast #410   Beating yourself up? Pull back the curtain of your heart and let's have a conversation about the pressure you put on yourself.  In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we'll be talking about: How to recognize when you are beating yourself upThe 4 primary fears the drive the self-flagellation and guilt 4 strategies that are proven effective to help break the cycle10 ways to practice self-kindness if you struggle with beating yourself up  Do you love the show? We've love for you to become an official supporter of The Confidence Podcast by becoming a Patron. We have 17 bonus episodes ready for you to unlock, all for just $5. Go to to get started.  WHAT ARE THE FEARS BEHIND BEATING OURSELVES UP Beating yourself up seems like the most common way to tackle our problems but instead, it hinders your growth. Here are some reasons (aka fears) why you are beating yourself up. Fear of not being enough.-over-attachment to affirmation and culturally defined success (Lack and fixed mindset!)  Fear of being discovered as defective.-speak about beauty, makeup, shame, etc, i just wasn't taught and wasn't built up in this way (Inadequacy and shame!)  Fear of not actually being motivated-what if you need the pressure and the inner-bully? lack of self-trust (Laziness!) Fear of not being able to change.-I engaged in this behavior for years because I felt like I was letting God down, and then I felt overlooked by God because He wasn't healing me from my struggle in the way I wanted or expected; I was afraid I was broken and unable to change or be changed. (Guilt!)    STRATEGIES THAT HAVE BEEN EFFECTIVE IN MY COACHING   Use these strategies to stop beating yourself up today.   So What Strategy -So what, everything will work out just fine and now I get to pivot and learn   Even If, I Will Statements -Even if this is botched and I'm behind, I will still be loved, etc.    Journaling -21-Day Toxic Thought Freedom Journal, get yours free at   Becoming a Student of Life -Growth mindset, learning in everything, trusting God with your transformation, celebrating growth, letting Jesus be my teacher and learning to surrender    HOW TO PRACTICE SELF-KINDNESS AND STOP BEATING YOURSELF UP 1. Be a friend to yourself - slow down, be present, be nice.  2. Put a higher value on kindness 3. Remember that being mean doesn't work  4. Focus on more positive self-talk 5. Write out a daily truth or verse 6. Practice patience with yourself and others 7. Accept your challenges as opportunities 8. Get an aerial view - there's no right way to do anything, there's always a pivot 9. Surround yourself with people who want you to succeed10. Do a distraction detox    OTHER EPISODES OF THE CONFIDENCE PODCAST YOU WILL LIKE How to Stop Being So Self-Critical, Episode #345   Why Beating Yourself Up Doesn't Work, Episode #277      ANNOUNCEMENTS: Did you know that confidence is simple? If you follow The Confidence Formula in the way we teach in the COC, then it's as easy as (1). slowing down, (2). simplifying and (3) strategizing ... all of which we do right alongside you in the COC. We're thick into the Back-to-Basics Challenge, implementing the Confidence Formula in the College of Confidence and it's not too late to join us. It's back to school, back to basics ... something we all need.  I’ll be coaching you through the following categories, for a full week at a time. Overthinking Weight loss Self-Sabotage Stress Comparison  Being Yourself This is exclusively for students in the College of Confidence. It’s time for you to join us. Click here to become official so that you don’t miss out on these next 6-weeks of the transformational coaching, community, and challenge.

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