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#409: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Others

#409: How To Stop Being Jealous Of Others

How to Stop Being Jealous of Others Podcast #409 Jealousy rots the bones, but it doesn't have to rot yours anymore. This podcast episode dives into how to stop being jealous of others so that you can get on with your own life and thrive where God has planted and placed you. Too often we don't call ourselves out on jealousy, envy or comparison, and it tarnishes our spirit, our joy and our confidence from the inside it. It's time to get serious about cleaning out our hearts so that we have space to live with joy, not jealousy. Get the full show notes at In this episode of The Confidence Podcast, we're chit-chatting about: The sneaky ways that jealousy shows up in our lives - and why we never call ourselves out for it - it's time to be honest, y'all!10 ways how you can start eliminating the impact of jealousy in your life right nowThe 2 ways jealousy can destroy a relationship: and how to make sure it doesn't hurt yours FREE COACHING:   One of the things that drive us deeper into jealousy is our obsession and distraction over what people think of us. You've heard me coach on this topic on podcasts before, but I want to go deeper than that with you - I want to invite you into my Masterclass on How to Stop Caring What People Think. We're re-launched it and I don't want you to miss out on it.    There are classes being offered today and tomorrow ---- come on, I know you want to come to hang out with me beyond the podcast. Now's your chance!    Sign up for FREE here >>>> How to Stop Caring What People Think:   REVIEW OF THE WEEK:   Life Changing!! By LizKU124 Trish and her podcast have changed my life. Her positivity, fresh perspectives, insight, knowledge and experiences have helped me to grow as a person and become less anxious and more confident. She adds in the perfect amount of spiritual content to supplement her teachings, and I know that whenever I start my day with The Confidence Podcast, it's going to be a great day. Thank you Trish for your ongoing encouragement that you share and for helping me to become a better, more confident version of myself!    HOW DOES JEALOUSY SHOW UP? Comparison Inadequacy Dieting Relationships Low self-esteem Feelings of insecurity  Uncertainty Worth issues Different statements that express jealousy that you might not expect: I just feel behind ... I should be doing more .... They seem to have it all together ... They know what they're doing .... I wish I had it as easy as .... Must be nice ...  They're so lucky ... Jealousy turns our eyes outward - and sets our hearts up for a state of constant comparison. Comparison detracts us from being able to be present, engaged and confident. Bottom line: If you want to be confident, you have to ruthlessly eliminate jealousy from your heart     HOW TO ELIMINATE JEALOUSY 1. Pay attention to where it pops up in your life. 2. Call it what it is .... don't flower it up. 3. Surrender your heart and pray for cleansing. 4. Guard your thoughts - and parent your phone!  5. Proactively give praise for all that you have and all that you are  6. Understand that you have an isolated narrative 7. Everyone has a story - honor yours and honor theirs 8. Ask yourself, do you want to live with a heart of abundant joy, or of anxious lack?  Ultimately, jealousy can be minimized if you follow the tenants of The Confidence Formula -Slow down -Simplify -Strategize    JEALOUSY IN RELATIONSHIPS 1. Lack of Trust   Problem of communication Problem of transparency Problem of confidence    2. Lack of Teamwork   Problem of perspective Problem of communication Problem of collaboration     ANNOUNCEMENTS: COLLEGE OF CONFIDENCE CHALLENGEIt's back to school, back to basics ... something we all need.  I’ll be coaching you through the following categories, for a full week at a time.

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