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HOW TO NOT JUST GET THROUGH YOUR DAYS Podcast #339 We were created to rejoice in the days were we given to live, not to simply "get through them" or to live in survival mode.  In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're chatting about:  Training yourself to have a mindset "get to" versus "have to" Discovering a deeper purpose than just existing Finding delight in the daily and beauty in growth and setbacks GET FREE COACHING TO GET UNSTUCK: Don't forget to sign up for our free "get unstuck" webinar masterclass at In the 30-minute class you'll learn: *Why you're stuck or feeling discouraged *How to use different thoughts to get better results *The next steps you should take to get your next major breakthrough When you register, be sure to check your email. I'll send you a free workbook gift right to your inbox to get you prepped to get the most out of our coaching class. Bring your questions and be sure to watch all of the Q&A's because at the end of the coaching you'll get an offer to get over $700 of free confidence coaching! Here's what's different: It's short and sweet. (30-minutes!) It shows you how to get your next breakthrough. (Um, amen, right?!) It's is free of any sound/tech issues. (Hallelujah!) And since I know you're all about your personal growth and your next breakthrough right now, you gotta jump into this! Grab a spot, we have a session with some seats still open today! Go to and register. I'll send you a free workbook to go along wiht the masterclass, so check your email as soon as you register ... this is a POWER-PACKED PUNCH to your confidence. I'm convinced that this is the start of your next breakthrough. REVIEW OF THE WEEK:  bbb20161 Thank you!!! - Five Stars Ok, so I guess I'm taking some of your advice and just doing this review right away instead of waiting for the right time. I've only just started listening to your podcast (started last week) and all I can say is WOW! I knew I struggled with anxiety and confidence but for you to articulate the things I'm feeling in a way that I have never been able to put into words or to hear that the perfectionistic thoughts I have that I thought were just part of "who I am" or "what gives me drive" are in fact only negative manifestations of my personality, not my actual personality, and that I can actually work to ignore those thoughts and instead focus that energy in a positive way, has helped me tremendously. I have already recommended your podcast to a number of people in my life who struggle with the same issues. I thank you for putting yourself out there and talking about these issues to help other people in such an amazing way! SHIFT YOUR ATTITUDE, SHIFT YOUR LIFE -The magic of "get to" versus "have to" -Consider your unfair advantage (this will keep you from looking at everyone else's perceived advantages) -The key to success is playing the hand you were dealt like it’s the hand you wanted. Kaitlin Walsh -I always had a good attitude, but I never locked in on or really believed I could have a solid, unwavering base. I thought powerful thinking was a one and done, but it's not - it's daily training and hour-by-hour choices. GOING BEYOND JUST EXISTING  -Refer back to episode #329 - you have a purpose, episode "Why I know You're Not Average" -Look around > the world needs you. Never underestimate the power of the butterfly effect. -Ask God, wrestle with Him - seek for significance, look for wisdom -Serve others; leave the world better because you were in it -Do the DASH exercise Link to 6-minute journal: FINDING DELIGHT IN THE DAILY AND STRENGTH IN THE SETBACKS Delight. Delight is deeper than a simple and passing feeling of happiness. Instead, it is what our souls crave. It is a sustained feeling of the soul. A deep satisfaction in a moment of life that expands that moment to take up more space than...

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