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SAY GOODBYE TO FEELING GUILTY ALL THE TIME In this episode of The Confidence Podcast we're chatting about: How to turn feeling guilty into gratitude (and why) How to translate your "have to's" into "get to's" (and why) How to choose peace, not pressure (and why) SPONSORSHIP NOTE– FREE MASTERCLASS HOW TO HAVE MORE CONFIDENCE  This week’s podcast is brought to you by my new free masterclass, How to Have More Confidence. Listen, if you think the podcast is good, you haven’t been in class with me yet. I spent months curating the teaching I poured into this masterclass and I am so proud of how simple, clear and strategic the activation of confidence can be. In the class, you’ll learn what the three biggest mistakes people make with confidence are and what the three most important things you should be doing for your confidence are … what I call The Confidence Formula.  Learn what stage of confidence you are actually in, and then how to get to the next stage so that getting to where you want to be and to how you want to feel doesn’t feel overwhelming. TRISHBLACKWELL.COM/FREECLASS REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Amazing & Encouraging! -LeesaWhite Everyone needs to listen to this show! Trish Blackwell is so gifted at encouragement it brings me to tears at just about every episode. I've labeled myself a "people pleaser" for a while, seeing there is a good heart that goes with it, but not seeing/knowing how to dig myself out of the hole of anxiety that goes with it. Trish will be the first to tell you that you won't ever make everyone happy. Trish will teach you to stop apologizing to liking pink (hehe, mine is ugly olive green). Trish will teach you to stop caring what others think. Trish will inspire tangible steps towards the best "you" you can be in all realms (parent, spouse, friend, worker, boss). Trish digs deep into research to give you the best content every week and her transparency to share her own struggles is so incredibly powerful. I'm so thankful for her strong yet gentlefolks words as I commute to work. It puts me in a good mood to continue to "bloom where I'm planted." Give this show a listen if you care to give this world a better you! TURN GUILT INTO GRATITUDE INSTEAD OF FEELING GUILTY Feeling guilty? What does turning guilt into gratitude mean? Stop the cycle of shame > it perpetuates the cycle of self-sabotage Instead, turn guilt into gratitude and into grace. We can find gratitude when we look through the lens of learning. As long as we are learning, we are growing. As long as we are growing, we can feel confident and proud of ourselves. As long as we feel confident, we will feel courageous. As long as we feel courageous, we will take action. As long as we take action, we will be consistent. As long as we are consistent, we will never fail. This practice can be implemented with not exercising, with letting someone down, with over-eating or something that makes you feel disappointed in yourself, in not doing your to-do list to your personal expectation...and more. You can let go of feeling guilty. SPONSORSHIP BREAK: CARE/OF I want to take a quick break to talk about an easy way you can get back into a HEALTHY ROUTINE with Care/Of.  Give yourself support this season with a boost – whether you’re looking for energy, better sleep, to maintain stress, or something else to help you feel your healthiest, Care/Of has you covered. Care/of’s fun, online quiz asks you about your diet, health goals, and lifestyle choices, and takes only 5 minutes to find out your personal, scientifically-backed vitamin and supplement recommendations. You answer easy questions like how much sleep are you getting, are you looking for more energy, do you need something to help support weight management, or healthy hair, skin and nails – it gets really personalized and is fun to do. Depending on your personalized Care/of plan, you’ll get daily vitamin packs and/or protein powder sent right to your door.

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