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STOP CARING WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK  Podcast #322 In this week of The Confidence Podcast we are chatting about: How to stop the cray cray of caring too much Why we care so much anyways The real reason you might be stuck right now SPONSORSHIP NOTE: This week's podcast is brought to you by my partnership with Beautycounter. Look, I love all things clean - clean thinking, clean living, clean eating and clean beauty. I'm sure you're seeing my favorite clean beauty brand all over the news ... we were literally the top Googled beauty trend of 2018 and we are truly effecting change through beauty.  If you haven't fallen in love with Beautycounter yet, you're the one missing out. Shop for safer beauty and let me love on you a little as a customer ... you can place your order at REVIEW OF THE WEEK: From: Jdannireid "Wow" Trish, I just started listening to this week and wow. This is exactly what I needed. You are so real and passionate about what you do. You have brought me to tears several times already. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. HOW TO STOP CARING WHAT PEOPLE THINK Make sure you listen to the original coaching episode on this...How to Stop Caring What People Think, episode #187 of The Confidence Podcast. You can listen directly at In that episode, we talk about ... How to stop wasting so much emotional energy and effort worrying about and caring about what other people think about us 5 specific ways to start changing how you let people interfere with you living your best life yet and your full version of yourself – how to really live free as who you were created to be A powerful mantra to use when you find yourself sucked into the siphon of self-comparison and self-doubt that is birthed from worrying about what people think about you More specifically, in relation to caring about what your friends think, I want to go deeper.  The moment we begin to fear the opinions of others and hesitate to tell the truth that is in us, and from motives of policy are silent, when we should speak, the divine floods of light and life no longer flow into our souls. –Elizabeth Cady Stanton 5 WAYS TO STOP CARING ABOUT WHAT YOUR FRIENDS THINK:  Think about what you love about the people you love. Act as if you only have 36-more months to live. Be honest about what you have missed out on. Stop being so afraid to be alone. Resist the desire to cheapen who God made you to be. WHY WE CARE SO MUCH ANYWAYS We look at the wrong places to get our worth. We compare and give ourselves a place in this world in relation to the comparison. We were taught to strive for approval. We yearn to fit in, yet to also be different. We are afraid of being weird, left out, isolated, unnoticed, forgettable. THE REAL REASON YOU MIGHT BE STUCK RIGHT NOW  Being in a place where you are caring too much will always keep you stuck. It will keep you from hearing God's voice (because instead, you are listening for the voices of others) It will keep you from generating and stepping into self-trust, which is what you need to take action on an idea, dream, goal or life change that matters It will keep you striving to conform to being "enough" in the opinions of others - which are fleeting and constantly changing, meaning that your confidence will also be in an eternal state of flux and fluidity, leaving you exhausted chasing the finish line that always moves ANNOUNCEMENTS:  If this week's coaching resonated with you, then you're going to want to be more focused and proactive about your personal growth through a progression of the confidence stages. Learn what stage of confidence you are actually in, and then how to get to the next stage so that getting to where you want to be and to how you want to feel doesn't feel overwhelming. MY NEW, SYSTEMATIC APPROACH TO TEACHING CONFIDENCE: The Confidence Formula.  If you're here,

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