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5 SNEAKY WAYS SELF-DOUBT IS WRECKING YOUR ABILITY TO BE CONFIDENT Podcast #310  This week on The Confidence Podcast, we're chatting about: 5 sneaks ways self-doubt is wrecking your ability to be confident The antidote to self-doubt, belief, and how to activate more of it 3 solutions to silence self-doubt REVIEW OF THE WEEK: Natural Beauty Fitness I subscribed to this show in 2016. I listened to it on and off until 2018 when I realize that the thing I needed the most to help in my goals and my life was my confidence. I have a tendency to be very hard on myself when I make a mistake. The Confidence Podcast has helped me believe in myself and see that God has a great purpose for me despite my shortcomings. I stand taller now. THE 5 SNEAKY THINGS ABOUT SELF-DOUBT THAT ARE WRECKING YOU  Self-doubt makes you tip-toe towards what you want Self-doubt swirls around the comparison spiral Self-doubt creates stories that don't exist Self-doubt squashes your ability to reach your full potential Self-doubt keeps the doors to adventure, change and exploration closed off and locked. Keeps you from sharing your passions with the people you love Keeps you from exploring your beliefs and your limits, for fear that you might be wrong and embarrassed that you were wrong. Or for fear of offending someone else. THE ANTIDOTE TO SELF-DOUBT  An obsession with belief. Note: belief is more uncomfortable than self-doubt. Self-doubt it easy. It is natural. It doesn't require anything of us or from us. Belief requires faith - in ourselves and in above. Said differently, the antidote to self-doubt is a willingness to accept discomfort and uncertainty, because in many ways, that is what belief actually is. Practice believing. Believe you can change your attitude. Believe you are doing better than you think. Believe that a bad day doesn't define you (ice skating example) Believe that your past performance doesn't narrate your future one Believe that there is always something to be analyzed and learned, nothing is wasted Believe that you can believe better than ever before. THREE SOLUTIONS TO SILENCING SELF-DOUBT Become a student of go-getters and dreamers. Get obsessed with the positive points of failure. Put yourself around other people who are choosing to think and live differently FINALLY, SELF-DOUBT FESTERS IN "NOT ENOUGHNESS" MINDSET Overcome that mindset with mantras that keep you in the present. I choose peace, not pressure. I choose kindness, not criticism. I choose belief, not fear. I choose gratitude, not grumbling. I choose meaning, not pleasing. I close moments, not more. ANNOUNCEMENTS: The College of Confidence is your simple way to confidently show up in your life with more courage. Create authentic traction towards your goals, silence the self-doubt that is keeping you back, and to tap into your purpose so you can make the difference in this world that God created you to make with our cancel-at-anytime membership. This is faith-based life-coaching in a personalized, supportive and affordable way. Build your confidence in the truth that you are "enough" and are "doing enough." The College of Confidence will help you manage your mindset and to step into the potential that God created you to live out. I truly believe that by joining The College of Confidence, your life will be better. That's why I unapologetically invite you each and every week to join us. Trust me, there's a reason I believe in what we are doing together as a community. Don't you think it might be time for you to check it out for yourself? Get started now at LISTENER OF THE EPISODE Hi Trish, I've noticed that you love to get feedback from everyone and thought I’d share with you how you’ve helped me. I stumbled upon your show when I was going through a very “down in the dumps” time in my life. I am pretty similar to you, I swam competitively for most of my life and was so worried about what o...

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