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003: Loving Myself -Tara Galeano

003: Loving Myself -Tara Galeano

Joining Nancy in this episode is Tara Galeano, a certified sex therapist that since dissolving her marriage has been on a journey of self discovery and coming back to her own body leading her to come out of her closet.When Tara came out of her 25 year marriage, she began to explore herself and the confines she had been living within. After training in Tantra, pelvic floor therapy, and as a Priestess, Tara came out of the closet that represented her clinician role, and announced herself as a Sex Therapist who worked with all women. Listen as Tara tells the story of leaving her marriage behind, finding herself on a journey of self-exploration, and the freedom that came with finding her truth.In this episode you'll hear about:4:55 The moment of realization8:40 The journey of coming out16:30 The moment of self forgiveness19:30 The next coming out chapterFacebook: (Centered Life Coaching)Facebook: (Tara Galeano at Boulder Sex Therapy)Instagram: (Nancy Shadlock)Websites:Boulder Sex TherapyCentered Life Coaching 

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