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Ep. 55 - GMUNK - Part 2

Ep. 55 - GMUNK - Part 2

The graphical grandmaster GMUNK returns to drop some more knowledge bombs, this time covering the tough topic of handling criticism and audience feedback, and we go super in-depth into the creative processes behind his music video for Tycho as well as the OFFF title sequence. GMUNK's Website: GMUNK's Twitter: GMUNK's Facebook: GMUNK's Music Video "See": ---------------------------------------------------------- Subscribe on iTunes: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: ---------------------------------------------------------- SHOW NOTES: Anthony's Genesis remix: Carl Erik Rinsch: Her: OFFF Titles: Dlew documentary: Ghostly: Box: Jupiter II: Hearts of Darkness: Kilian Eng's Evil Tender print: "Everything I do in life is all based in design. It's just who I am. I'm kind of completely psycho."

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