Wingspan, Unbroken, and the Solo Tabletop Game Experience

Wingspan, Unbroken, and the Solo Tabletop Game Experience

Aaron is solo this week, so it only made sense for him to cover solo games. Aaron plays and discusses Wingspan, Unbroken, and many more games with prominent single-player modes! Our friend Jeff Stormer tries to ease Aaron's burden, and Liz makes a very special appearance at the end. This was a fun challenge. Enjoy! TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 - The Jeff Stormer Experience. 4:35 - "This week's episode of The Co-Operatives" is going to be a little different..." + Solo games, and solo modes in games. 9:00 - Wingspan, and the rise of Automa. 16:35 - Could analog clans be possible? 17:46 - Solitaire, and why we play solo. 26:00 - Unbroken, and making a game solo from the ground up. 30:18 - The Rules Of Tabletop Solo Purity 33:50 - Other solo games that I've heard are AOK! + Liz returns! GAMES WE COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: Wingspan by Stonemaier Games Unbroken by Altema Games Resident Evil 2: The Board Game by Steamforged Games Friday by Friedemann Friese Mage Knight by Vlaada Chvatil Onirum by Shadi Torbey --- Check out Jeff Stormer's Party Of One Podcast online here: http://www.partyofonepodcast.com/ --- Donate to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/VStheUNIVERSE! Even $1 goes a *LONG* way, and helps the show grow! --- Reach out to The Co-Operatives by tweeting to @CoOperativesPod on Twitter or e-mailing us at CoOperativesPod@gmail.com. Got a game you'd like us to try? LET US KNOW! You can also 'like' us on Facebook by heading to www.facebook.com/CoOperativesPod. --- If you feel like being super nice, leave us a review on iTunes! It would mean the world to us! Every review lets others know you enjoyed the episode and helps the show grow! Want more Co-Operatives? Then check out our archives for a bunch of episodes that cover cooperative board and video games, dating, and definitely not being robots.

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