Arkham Horror & The "Now" Of Games

Arkham Horror & The "Now" Of Games

Aaron & Liz descend deep into the mouth of madness for Fantasy Flight's new third edition of their mainstay tabletop game Arkham Horror! Will this new game evoke strong feelings of insanity? Or will Cthulhu finally take hold and render them asunder? Well, it's a podcast so you'll need to listen to it to find out. We won't give you the answers here. TIMESTAMPS: 0:00:00 - Opening BS - The Big Heady Question, Practical Magic, and Liz's Miska-Tonic. 0:09:29 - What is Arkham Horror? And oh boy Lovecraft is an awful human. 0:13:05 - Setting the expectations correctly, and the modular board. 0:16:40 - Meet the characters! And the roles you can play during the game. 0:20:46 - The importance of a good rulebook and index. Also, game mechanics! 0:28:42 - The codex, story, and pulling cards. 0:31:51 - "It felt more like we were painting a portrait of an old 30's detective story than any other Arkham game." 0:33:30 - Cooperative play: does it work? 0:37:50 - "How do you feel about "the realm of the new" in gaming, and is it important to play a game like this immediately or is it better to wait for expansions?" 0:45:02 - The Zeitgeist of gaming, and playing things when they're new. 0:50:00 - Does it make sense to buy Arkham Horror if you already have another big Lovecraftian game like this? 0:54:25 - What did we learn about each other playing this game? 0:57:39 - Praying for a Broken Token because Fantasy Flight will never change. 0:58:37 - A few ways Third Edition streamlines the game from Second Edition. 1:05:15 - A Thanksgiving message + the credits department. Liz's "Miska-Tonic" Recipe is as follows: .5 - 1oz shrub (Liz used Ginger Pear) 1.5oz Bourbon (Liz used Bulleit Bourbon) .5oz ginger liqeuer (Liz used Koval) .5oz cinnamon or mulling spices (Liz says "homemade betches") a splash of soda h20 --- Buy Arkham Horror from FFG here: https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/arkham-horror-third-edition/ --- Watch Practical Magic! It is on Hulu here: https://www.hulu.com/movie/practical-magic-2f760c96-0056-4228-aa9f-41dee30adac8   --- Follow "The Ends Of Board Games" Instagram here: https://www.instagram.com/theendsofboardgames/   --- Find out about the 5,000 Fingers Of Dr. T here: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0045464/ --- Donate to our Patreon at www.patreon.com/VStheUNIVERSE! Even $1 goes a *LONG* way, and helps the show grow! --- Reach out to The Co-Operatives by tweeting to @CoOperativesPod on Twitter or e-mailing us at CoOperativesPod@gmail.com. Got a game you'd like us to try? LET US KNOW! You can also 'like' us on Facebook by heading to www.facebook.com/CoOperativesPod. --- If you feel like being super nice, leave us a review on iTunes! It would mean the world to us! Every review lets others know you enjoyed the episode and helps the show grow! Want more Co-Operatives? Then check out our archives for a bunch of episodes that cover cooperative board and video games, dating, and definitely not being robots.

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