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Brian Boone and Clay Lowder

Brian Boone and Clay Lowder

On the weekend of Dabo Swinney's All-In Ball, Brian Boone and Clay Lowder join the podcast to talk philanthropy and helping others. In late December, Lowder decided he was going to fully fund a trip to the Sugar Bowl for a Clemson family that had gone through struggle. He sent the family of Ken Kelly, who spent the previous year battling liver cancer and COVID. Months later, Boone was similarly inspired when he decided to give up his six-seat table at the All-In Ball to a Clemson family who would be positively impacted from the experience. Saturday night, Joey Millwood and his family will attend the All-In Ball, listen to guest speaker Jon Gruden, and receive a full tour of the Reeves Center. Joey and his wife Erin lost their 10-year-old daughter Eliza Cait to leukemia in 2018. They began a ministry in her honor, Bright Light Dance Ministry, to send dancers across the world to spread the gospel because Eliza Cait loved Jesus and loved to dance. Boone lost his wife, Kathy Boone, in May of 2018. Five months earlier, Clemson's football staff opened its doors and its hearts to the Boone family in a story documented by Boone and Lowder reflect on how much giving to others can help not only the recipient but the person giving.        

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