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Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller, 57, has been at The Post and Courier of Charleston for decades. Because of pandemic-related budget cuts, Miller had to move from his love of sports to the business section where he's had to start from scratch in some ways as a reporter. Miller goes back a long way to the days of Tommy West and Tommy Bowden, and he's full of stories from his time covering Clemson on a full-time basis. In the summer of 2003 at Bowden's media golf outing, Miller was planning to be in the featured group with the head coach. He was irritated when sports information director Tim Bourret asked him for a huge favor: "Can you play not with Tommy but with our new receivers coach instead?" That coach was Dabo Swinney. "I didn't get in five words the entire round," Miller said of getting to know the man who'd be the Tigers' head coach five years later. Miller reflects on how the changing nature of media access has made it harder for reporters to develop relationships with the people they cover. He also looks back to close, personal relationships he's had with various figures including Bowden, Reggie Herring, Willie Simmons, Monte Lee and others.      

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