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Episode 211 - Revisiting The Best Ganon/Ganondorf Fights

Episode 211 - Revisiting The Best Ganon/Ganondorf Fights

This week, we had some scheduling snafus that lead us to not being able to record a new episode, BUT instead of taking the week off to relax, recharge, and sip Pina Colada's, we're instead releasing an episode from the vault, one of our best shows, where we are ranking all of Link's showdowns with the King of Evil himself, Ganondorf! Joined by the amazing Mallo Photography, we get talk all things Ganon in this blast from the past!   Follow The Champions’ Cast! Twitter Andy Spiteri (@Spiteri316) Alasyn Eletha (@AlasynEletha) Twitch x Facebook x Discord   Pledge to Receive the Spiteri Show! Patreon   Subscribe to The Champions’ Cast! Apple Podcasts x Podbean x Spotify x iTunes x Google Podcasts x iHeart Radio x PlayerFM   Grab The Champions’ Cast Merch! Official Zelda Dungeon Merch store  

Duration: 1 hr 11 min

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