Certified Noonas

Certified Two Years

Certified Two Years

It's our birthday! To celebrate we decided to do whatever we wanted, so that's why this episode is a little all over the place. We reflect on the years we've spent on the podcast, what's currently happening, and how we've changed from the first episode. Links to our corners and other fun things can be found on our blog post: https://certifiednoonas.com/2020/10/19/certified-two-years/ We will be having a livestream today, October 19th, at 8 pm EST over on our YouTube channel. Come hang out with us! If you can't make it the video will be available afterward. We'd love to hear from you! Send us a message certifiednoonas@gmail.com or on our socials under CertifiedNoonas. Like our content and want access to some fun extras? Consider supporting us on Ko-Fi. Don’t worry if you can't afford it, the clips on Ko-Fi will always be just extras and our main content will stay free. You can also help by leaving us rating/comment and spread the podcast to someone who you know will think it’s neat.

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