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Welcome to "The Casting Pod", with Jonathan and Jonathan! In this weekly/bi-weekly/monthly podcast, hosts Jonathan Arkay and Jonathan Kinane will discuss absolutely anything and everything possible. Want to hear some hot takes on sports teams that have obnoxious fans AND who will win the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor? You're in the right spot. "The Casting Pod" will also feature several other segments such as "Jonathoughts" and "What Pissed Me Off This Week" to keep listeners engaged with some even hotter takes on some topics that aren't typically discussed in podcasts, such as having a pet tapeworm or why road rage is a good thing.

Episodes: 3


TCP: The Super Bowl Special

Duration: 46 min

TCP EP #02: Why do Blu-Rays Still Exist?

Duration: 45 min

TCP EP #01: What is a Sport?

Duration: 48 min

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