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Dameon Berry: Army Veteran & Working Dog Trainer

Dameon Berry: Army Veteran & Working Dog Trainer

Dameon Berry is a US Army veteran, husband, father, and owner of East Tennessee K9, located just north of Knoxville, Tennessee. Since 2003, Dameon has trained working dogs for military and police forces; service dogs for veterans, children with special needs, and older adults; and search and rescue dogs to detect missing persons. His working dogs have been placed all over the world and have helped save and protect lives. In today’s episode, Dameon recounts the journey that led him to start training dogs. We also have a couple special appearances: his children tell us why they love their father, and his friend Andrew Simmons talks about Dameon’s mentorship and their unique friendship. The Carleena Show Podcast | | Ordinary People Share Their Hero’s Journey | Hosted and Produced by Carleena Angwin | Video Editing and Graphic Design by Connect with Dameon and East Tennessee K9: Thumbnail photograph by Jamie Berry Special Guest: Dameon Berry.

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