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Episode #6 - The GEMS Route

Episode #6 - The GEMS Route

For this episode, we took some great questions from listeners and put them together in what, we hope, is a great explanation of the GEMS route in Grand Canyon. Here is a breakdown and times for the specific questions but there is plenty of fun in between:Q1 = (6:45)    Expectations vs. RealityQ2 = (13:20)  Do you wish you had done it in more days?Q3 = (17:40)  Water? / Technical sections?Q4 = (26:25)  How difficult was it to follow the trail?Q5 = (31:15)   Interesting critters? Any Rafters?Q6 = (39:55)  Did you find any gems?Q7 = (41:20)   Favorite/least favorite parts of the trip?Summit discussion = (46:45)We hope you enjoy this episode and would love any and all feedback! Thank you SOOOO much to all of those that asked these great questions. Keep em' coming!If you know someone out there that loves the Canyon too, share this podcast with them and lets all crush some Grand Canyon adventures!Cheers!★ Support this podcast on Patreon ★

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