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Buildsters and Belgard (Oldcastle Architectural Products Group)

Buildsters and Belgard (Oldcastle Architectural Products Group)

Belgard has set the precedent for outdoor living products with their highly innovative design and research to keep up with the latest trends. We are so thankful to call them our partners and we were lucky enough to have them sponsor our latest project for the up and coming "The Buildsters Show" dropping this summer of 2021. Nate Ruge sat down and talked with us about the history of Belgard and Oldcastle Architectural Product Groups. We picked his brain about how Belgard products differ from the rest, the inflation of material costs during the COVID-19 pandemic and much more. Tune in to listen to the full conversation. Nate Ruge thank you for your time and a big thank you to Belgard for keeping our projects looking top notch! #Buildon

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