#33 — 7 productivity hacks to become a more effective fundraiser and leader with Rachel Bearbower

#33 — 7 productivity hacks to become a more effective fundraiser and leader with Rachel Bearbower

We  all struggle with productivity.There are so many distractions and interruptions that kill our productivity — emails, Slack messages, calendar notifications, text and social media alerts. And it seems like the more successful our nonprofit and career becomes, the harder it is to get things done. Today on the podcast, we're talking to Rachel Bearbower who thinks about productivity a lot.Rachel works specifically with small-shop CEOs and fundraisers. These are people who wear multiple hats at all times, whose work is not always focused, and who get pulled in a thousand different directions every day. Maybe you can relate.Rachel is the founder of Small Shops Strategies, where she helps fundraisers deal with the overwhelm by creating repeatable systems and processes. Today, Rachel is going to share 7 productivity hacks that can help all of us become more productive at work, feel less anxiety, get more done and have more peace of mind. Today we’ll cover:[4:35] - Why Rachel prefers working with small shops  [7:48] - Productivity Hack #1 - Turn off all notifications[13:30] - Productivity Hack #2 - Start your day with a clean workspace [16:00] - Productivity Hack #3 - Brain Dump all your To-Do’s[17:50] - Productivity Hack #4 Determine the order you want to get things done[24:10] - Productivity Hack #5 - Do the hardest thing first    [25:42] - Productivity Hack #6 - Set a timer               [28:30] - Productivity Hack #7 - Create clear goals and write them down    [33:00] - The Power of Consistency     [37:04] - Rachel's encouragement for nonprofit leaders, fundraisers and marketers Get connected:Rachel would love to connect with you on Instagram. You can also find more information about her membership program, Productive Executive Director, at consider subscribing to, rating, or sharing The Build Good Podcast on your preferred platform. You can do that by clicking here. To take advantage of our free resources and get your 5-minute fundraising fix, visit

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