#26: Steve Bell — Fundraising as a singer-songwriter

#26: Steve Bell — Fundraising as a singer-songwriter

On a special Christmas edition of the podcast, we are getting a behind the scenes look at how an independent artist raises funds to support their mission. Today we’re talking with Steve Bell. Steve is a singer-songwriter, author, and speaker. He has been sharing his music and message for almost 30 years across Canada, the US and beyond. Steve has a two-sided business model. He tours and sells music — but he also raises funds and relies on philanthropy. Over the years, Steve has built a broad base of donors by giving people a chance to support his mission in a meaningful way.This is one of the more insightful fundraising chats I’ve had in a long time. We get into the philosophy and mindset of fundraising: giving someone an opportunity to be a part of, and sharing in, the work we do.Today we’ll cover:[3:25] - Getting to know Steve as an artist, author, and mission-driven fundraiser[9:16] - How Steve maintains an active relationship with his audience[11:46] - How to grow a donor base while doing what you care about[18:43] - The currency of music[16:55] - Steve’s explains his pre-COVID marketing strategies and revenue streams[25:20] - Mike and Steve talk about advent; Steve performs, “The Magnificat”[31:20] - What Steve has done to adjust to fundraising during COVID-19[37:50] - What losing live events has meant for Steve’s business[37:30] - There is so shortcut to great fundraising  [45:30] - Steve performs the title track of his new album, “Wouldn’t You Love to Know”[49:34] - Steve’s parting thoughts for nonprofit leadersResources mentioned:A Spirituality of Fundraising by Henri Nouwen“A Hunkered Down Christmas” by Steve Bell7-book series “Pilgrim Year” by Steve BellSteve Bell’s newest release “Wouldn’t You Love to Know”Get connected:Steve would love to connect with you. You can find information about him at his website: Please consider subscribing to, rating, or sharing the podcast on your preferred platform. You can do that by clicking here. To take advantage of our FREE resources and get your 5-Minute Fundraising Fix,

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