#20: Steven Shattuck — How to make fundraising more human in the digital age

#20: Steven Shattuck — How to make fundraising more human in the digital age

We live in the golden age of fundraising. With so much software, technology and tools at our disposal, it's never been easier to capture the attention of donors, reach new audiences and generate revenue.And yet, fundraising performance as a whole remains largely stagnant. Can relying too much on technology actually hinder our ability to make meaningful and personal connections with donors? On today's episode, we'll hear from Steven Shattuck on how you can have the best of both worlds: strong relationships with your donors that rely on personal touches and helpful digital tools to improve your systems and processes. Steven is the chief engagement officer at Bloomerang, a donor management software that focuses on donor retention. He is a prolific writer and speaker who curates Bloomerang’s educational and research content.His latest book, "Robots Make Bad Fundraisers: How Nonprofits Can the Maintain Heart in the Digital Age" was released earlier this year, with the goal of making digital fundraising more human. Today we’ll cover[4:45] - Why Steven, an exec at a tech company, wrote a book warning us to not rely too much on technology[8:02] - The reasons giving has remained stagnant even though technology has us in the golden age of fundraising[11:01] - What donors want, what they respond well to, and how technology can meet these donors needs[13:45] - What human-centered philanthropy looks like in practice[19:44] - How nonprofits should use donor data to create more human moments, interactions and connections with donors[25:53] - The role of mass emails in your fundraising efforts[30:18] - How you can make a mass email more personal[34:11] - How to make a giving page attractive and user-friendly[40:36] - What to include on your post-donation pageSteven would love to connect with you. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, and learn more about his work at Bloomerang Join in our mission to help others build good in the world by rating and sharing this podcast on all major platforms. You can do that by clicking here Get FREE access to the 5 Minute Fundraising Fix by going to

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