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Episode 171: Unconventional

Episode 171: Unconventional

Erica Heilman is the host of the podcast Rumblestrip. The Atlantic recently named her series ‘Our Show’ the best podcast of 2020. But before she was a brilliant podcaster, Erica was a lot of other things. She was a seller of muffins, she was a theater performer, she milked cows, she worked on a TV news show, then in documentaries, then for a healthcare website…and that’s not all. It took Erica a while to get where she wanted to be. And she’ll be the first to admit she had no idea where that was. She is not the only person who’s struggled to work out, what am I doing? What am I good at? How best do I use the skills I actually have? Some of us take longer to get there. We wish it were different, but it’s not. This is a show about the messiness of the unconventional career path.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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