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Episode 170: Emergency: Women in Medicine during Covid

Episode 170: Emergency: Women in Medicine during Covid

Dara Kass had always known emergency medicine was for her. She loved the excitement of the ER, the fact that she always had too much to do. It was only when she had a baby that she realized the emergency room, like so many other workplaces, wasn’t going to fit in with her - she was expected to fit in with it. She set out to change that for her and everyone else. But when Covid-19 hit New York last spring, Dara was presented with challenges she could never have imagined - catching the virus herself, protecting her family, working through a relentless pandemic, and the loss of a colleague to suicide. She still wants to bring gender equity to emergency medicine. But she says workers’ mental health has to take priority now and as we emerge from this pandemic.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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