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Episode 169: Controlling the Controllable

Episode 169: Controlling the Controllable

2021, a year so many of us have been hoping will turn a global page for the better, has got off to a rocky start. There is so much we can’t control at the moment, so in this show we’re going to concentrate on what we can do - that is, take the reins of our own careers, albeit from behind our computers. My guest is Lisa Unwin, co-founder of London-based Reignite Academy and author of She’s Back. I wanted to talk to Lisa because she’s now optimistic about the future, when a few months ago she felt quite differently. Among other things we discuss the underrated business phone call, how men and women have used social media differently during lockdown (which may be hurting women’s careers), and what happens when women don’t charge for their work.  See for privacy and opt-out information.

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