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Dr. Debbie Torraca

Dr. Debbie Torraca

Pain in dogs. It’s a very common underlying cause for aggression. You are not going to want to miss this episode. I have the honor of chatting with Dr. Debbie Torraca about a number of very interesting topics that should stir up some conversation in the dog training community. We talk about the behaviors to look for when a dog is in pain; the impact of different training tools on a dog’s structure;  and what activities we might commonly see dog trainers engage in that can be detrimental to a dog’s overall health.Debbie's WebsiteDebbie's Webinar on Recognizing Pain in DogsIf you want to learn more about helping dogs with aggression, we offer webinars, courses, conferences, and more!AggressiveDog.comAggressive Dog Educational OfferingsAggression in Dogs Conference

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